24 Workshops

Provided by the technology companies

SCADA security

Protecting the connections to vital mechanisms connected online

Enterprise System Security

Creating the right balance to ensure full network security

Regulation and Cybersecurity

Seeking compliance and understanding legal requirements

Private Cloud Security

Providing a more personal protection to devices and infrastructure

Corporate Governance and cyber security

Ensuring that everyone understands their responsibilities and liabilities

Managing Digital Rights

Protecting you IPR online and managing applications

Fraud Management

Understanding processes and systems to prevent and detect fraud

Malware prevention

Identifying neutralising and managing the response to Malware

Network Architecture

Initiatives to ensure the design of networks reflect best security

Intrusion Detection

Keeping networks safe using the latest technology and processes

Knowledge Management

Conserving an organisations thought leadership and product development

Security in Data Mining

Effective use of Big Data analysis. Latest tools and analytics

User profiling

Understanding the dynamics of individual behaviour to uphold security

Smart Cities

The risks and challenges for cybersecurity

Social Engineering

Prevention and detection

Virtual Reality

Latest tools to protect and secure

Internet of Things

Protecting new devices, apps and connectivity

Cyber security for leaders

Making leaders in business and public sector responsible and alert to cybersecurity

Cyber security and cyber warfare

The overlap of technology

RFID security

Challenges and solutions

Secure communications

Latest tools and services available

Building Trust with suppliers and customers

Tools to ensure confidence in business relationships

Cybersecurity prevention campaigns

What works

Cybersecurity Accreditation

ISO 27001 and other standards