Immersive Exercises

Immersive training through exercises

Cyber Security Conference

This is a real opportunity to see and understand how a cyber-attack or series of cybercrimes are executed and unravel. Experts will be in hand to help you cope with the scenarios as you work through a range of difficult and challenging real life situations

Be Prepared

As part of the exciting array of activities at the Cyber Security Conference KSA we will also be providing a series of immersive exercises that will be used to demonstrate some of the products and services from the workshops. But more importantly these exercises have been designed to test the understanding and response of senior leaders and technical staff alike. Based on a range of real life issues and case studies the exercises will bring out learning to help attendees appreciate the value of staying ahead and being prepared.

Participate & Learn

Attendees will be provided with opportunities to participate in a number of different roles and work through several scenarios specifically created for this Conference. Hands on skills and strategic thinking will be explored in order to help challenge the mistakes, malicious acts or accidents that have beset various corporate and public sector organisations.

Safe Environment

It is clearly better to practice and exercise within a safe environment rather than waiting for something to go wrong, data lost, intrusion or illegal hacking. We aim to provide a lively and testing environment for all within the exercises.