Cybersecurity Conference

About the Conference


In its annual threat assessment the security company Symantec
identified a number of trends.

  • 1/2 Billion personal records stolen
  • Vulnerabilities in 3/4 of websites
  • I Million attacks
  • Spear Phishing attacks up 55%
  • Ransomware up 35%
  • 100 Million fake scams blocked

Threats & Technology

Whilst this is just one perspective it is clear that the criminal threat to cyber-trading and business continues to rise. Likewise, the huge growth of connection devices and multiple profiles broadens the area in which attacks can take place. And finally the competency of the human interface, the person in the chair, or using the smart phone, has to be improved to tackle this ever growing threat.

New technology will help to address some of the digital risks and threats and at best warn or slow them down. Being ahead of the game is an essential aspect for personal, business and state survival. Failing to build effective systems, networks and processes with an informed and security-focused workforce will create huge vulnerabilities.

To avoid loss of data, personation through social engineering, and cyber-attacks such as encrypted ransomware, companies and individuals need to be alert and reactive. They both need exposure to the latest technology, experience of practical solutions and case studies, and participating in exercising through scenarios and immersive learning experiences.

The Conference 2017

The Cybersecurity Conference 2017 will have as its focus a ruthless determination to help each delegate tailor their own agenda, whilst benefiting from specific workshops and exercises blended with dynamic plenary activities. Workshops covering a wide range of technologies, and delivered in such a way that allows questioning and debate, will help to bring substantial value to the whole event

As part of the Cybersecurity Conference 2017 a number of immersive exercises will be conducted where delegates will be able to test out different responses and technology as well as building their own response capacity within a safe environment. Immersive learning helps people to develop and understand critical issues safely prior to exposure in a real world environment. The conference will include the best technologies and systems available, and will be restricted to attendees from the GCC only.

In addition a range of high quality Specialist speakers will provide thought leadership in the world of cybercrime. 

Why should I attend ?

The structure of the conference has been crafted to maximise contact between Attendees and Technology Companies making it valuable for both. The key Workshop approach differentiates it from classic conferences and focuses attention on learning through exercises and immersive training. 

The conference will be a hard working event for all and yet still provide opportunities for informal networking and the prospect for showcasing a range of Saudi cultural and historic qualities as well as current and future technology.