Cybersecurity Conference

This conference is under the patronage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
the Ministry of Interior of KSA and the Al Qassim Region Governorate.

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The KSA Cybersecurity Conference 2017 has been designed to offer opportunities to a select group of Technology Companies to showcase their products and services to a large high end audience of Saudi officials from different ministries and authorities, private sector and like wise from Gulf Cooperation.

Our vision is to provide 5 days of intensive engagement between Technology Companies and attendees where they can learn, interact and observe new technologies, close up and personal. By using a series of smaller workshops rather than large format presentations Technology Companies will benefit from a far better interaction with those attending.

We hope to attract a maximum of 24 Technology Companies who will have the ideal environment in which to market their services and products alongside specific plenary sessions of real interest and value to the audience. Visas for technology companies will be arranged by the organizer.

Each workshop will have a maximum of 20 attendees and each Technology Company will have the opportunity to deliver 6 such workshops over the 5 days. In addition there will be plenty of opportunity to network with breakout facilities and communal professional and cultural events. There will be no separate exhibitions other that the 24 Technology Companies chosen.

The conference will represent excellent value for money for Technology Companies and for attendees and provide a platform for B2B networking at the highest level. Located in the growing City of Qassim in the centre of KSA this provides a most effective yet peaceful environment in which to engage with potential customers and build new networks.

The conference will help to remote KSA, its history and culture to provide a backdrop and foundation for technology development in the GCC region.

14 - 18

May 2017

About the event 

The conference will attract almost all Government high rank employees that are in charge of the cyber matters as well as the private sector from banking, aviation, telecommunication,  oil and gas, utility and all major sectors.

Saudi gets serious
about cybercrime

A New Form of Conference

Many technology or security conferences supported by Governments and industry often consist of a series of high-end presentations where the speakers, often supported by effective marketing led messaging, create a one way flow of “infotainment” keeping the audience amused, or in fear, yet participants walk away with little more than anecdotes and hand-outs. Creating learning, as well as understanding, progresses from having participants who have the ability and opportunity to engage with relevant and appropriate presenters in smaller workshops and exercises.

Vendor Led Workshops

Interactive workshops provide key opportunities to meet  with leading figures including Government officials and private business executives The workshops are designed to allow participants to interact, share experiences and case studies and benefit from discussions on issues relevant to their business and network. They are the perfect place to promote your services and products in a safe environment with potential purchasers. The Saudi Cyber Security Conference in collaboration with other partners will provide a practical and informative guide to cyber security and advice in how to lead a response to a Cyber Attack.

Engage with leading experts
in the field of cyber security

High Quality Specialist speakers

In the wake of recent hacks and the national attention cyber security has been getting and with the ever increasing importance of digital in all of our lives, cyber security is now critically important for us all. Identity theft and hacking are terms that most people are now aware of. There will be a wide range of of leading experts speaking in digital security & risk. The conference will focus on practical steps that Senior executives should take to minimise cyber security threats in their business.

Why should I attend ?

The structure of the conference has been crafted to maximise contact between Attendees and Technology Companies making it valuable for both. The key Workshop approach differentiates it from classic conferences and focuses attention on learning through exercises and immersive training. The conference will be a hard working event for all and yet still provide opportunities for informal networking and the prospect for showcasing a range of Saudi cultural and historic qualities as well as current and future technology.


SCADA security

Protecting the connections to vital mechanisms connected online

Enterprise System Security

Creating the right balance to ensure full network security

Regulation and Cybersecurity

Seeking compliance and understanding legal requirements

Private Cloud Security

Providing a more personal protection to devices and infrastructure

Corporate Governance and cyber security

Ensuring that everyone understands their responsibilities and liabilities

Managing Digital Rights

Protecting you IPR online and managing applications

Fraud Management

Understanding processes and systems to prevent and detect fraud

Malware prevention

Identifying neutralising and managing the response to Malware

Network Architecture

Initiatives to ensure the design of networks reflect best security

Intrusion Detection

Keeping networks safe using the latest technology and processes

Knowledge Management

Conserving an organisations thought leadership and product development

Security in Data Mining

Effective use of Big Data analysis. Latest tools and analytics

User profiling

Understanding the dynamics of individual behaviour to uphold security

Smart Cities

The risks and challenges for cybersecurity

Social Engineering

Prevention and detection

Virtual Reality

Latest tools to protect and secure

Internet of Things

Protecting new devices, apps and connectivity

Cyber security for leaders

Making leaders in business and public sector responsible and alert to cybersecurity

Cyber security and cyber warfare

The overlap of technology

RFID security

Challenges and solutions

Secure communications

Latest tools and services available

Building Trust with suppliers and customers

Tools to ensure confidence in business relationships

Cybersecurity prevention campaigns

What works

Cybersecurity Accreditation

ISO 27001 and other standards

Shamoon Virus

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has again suffered from the Shamoon virus. This computer virus is suspected to be from State Agents attacking the KSA infrastructure. This demonstrates the need for KSA to increase its own cyber security and to seek better collaborative arrangements to identify the source of the attack, its likely consequences and effective mitigation strategies. These strategies need to include technical and human responses and additional political or state led actions once the culprit is identified.

These attacks make this conference much more relevant. Having robust digital protection, effective training and education alongside cutting edge research are essential attributes of a cyber defence strategy. KSA is seeking to demonstrate that it has those attributes and is looking to find effective solutions where it doesn’t Further information about Shamoon can be found here.

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